DayZ chernarus pvp server
---stránka se připravuje---

dayz server pravidla

„By joining our server you accept these rules and you are committed to full compliance with them,“,
„if you break the rules, you will receive warning and if you continue to break the rules you will get permanently banned.“,
„While we do monitor the well-being of our community, please understand that we are hosting this game server“,
„as our spare time activity. We love to hang out with you guys and we do find it important to participate in community events,“,
„unforunately we do have full-time jobs and limited time to be aware of everything.“,
„Please understand that we will most likely ignore requests of kind: ‚Somebody stole my weapon at trader!‘ or ‚My item has disappeared!'“,
„we understand the frustration you are facing, but please understand that we aren’t able to help with everything neither deal with game bugs.“,
„We expect that the community is adult enough to be able to help someone in need and that issues can be solved peacefuly.“,
„With that being said, we do hope you will have a good time on our server and we’re happy to meet you here!“,
„PLEASE, make sure you READ all the rules, ignorance won’t pardon you.“,
„-General rules-„,
„No retreating to the safe zone using god mode to gain an advantage during a battle/godmode abusing“,
„No refunds will be offered for anything, because we know DayZ, right? There might be some exceptions“,
„No racism or bygotry allowed“,
„No intentional littering of the traders“,
„No hacking, glitching, duping – WE WILL FIND YOU“,
„No combat logging“,
„It is forbidden to block traders“,
„-Base building and attacking-„,
„Build at least 2 walls stacked on top of each other to prevent people from getting inside.“,
„It is forbidden to build stairs from Garden Plots“,
„It is forbidden to build near spawn zones“,
„It is forbidden to build in or close to military compounds(make sure no parts of your base have line of sight looking over the military)“,
„It is forbidden to build 800m around trader zones“,
„It is forbidden to build over roads“,
„It is forbidden to glitch into the bases, this include stacking more than 2 items or more than 2 players“,
„It is forbidden to build over another player structures“,
„It is forbidden to block tents with another walls, BUILD SECURE BASE!“,
„It is permitted to raid base if you can access it without breaking rules“,
„Dismantling base from inside is permitted but blocking people out of their own base after raiding is forbidden, do not change the code locks!“,
„It is forbidden to stack more than two Watch-towers“,
„Only 1 base per group“,
„-Trader Zones-„,
„Camping of trader zones is forbidden“,
„It is forbidden to follow people out of trader zone to kill them“,
„Stealing in trader zones is forbidden but refund will be offered ONLY with VIDEO EVIDENCE.“,
„Stealing of cars or car parts from traders is not allowed. We know how much effort is needed for fixing up cars.“

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